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Shoalhaven Eco Green

Businesses in Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia are playing their part in looking after the environment by contributing to eco-green practices. These companies are closely aligned with Shoalhaven City Council's commitment to providing a sustainable future for the region.

Categorising the businesses into sectors like Hospitality, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Non-Profit, and others, the following are some of the businesses that are contributing towards an eco-green Shoalhaven.

The Huskisson Hotel, a 140-year-old establishment, is one of the environmentally conscious hotels in the area. The hotel has incorporated specific eco-friendly measures to reduce its environmental footprint. The hotel's water-saving initiatives include the use of water-efficient showerheads, basins, and toilets. Also, their lighting and air conditioning system utilises green technology. Fans installed in all rooms to reduce the consumption of air conditioning. The Inn also employs eco-friendly cleaning products, which contain non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients.

The Huskisson Hotel is also known for its environmentally sustainable cuisine. The Hotel uses locally sourced and fresh produce in its menu, available with vegetarian and vegan options that are organic, environmentally friendly, and GMO-free. Along with the fresh products, the Inn also participates in the Carbon Reduction Institute’s carbon offset program where they measure their carbon footprint, reduce, and eventually offset their carbon emissions to a certified standard level.

Shoalhaven Plywood (Global Wood Source) is a company that represents the epitome of eco-manufacturing. The factory is managed with eco-friendly principles, right from the sourcing of raw materials to the production process. The factory designs its products to adhere to the Australian Standards, making it eco-friendly and durable. Shoalhaven Plywood uses eco-friendly materials like FSC certified birch veneers, which are sourced from sustainably managed forests. They also utilise E0 glue, which is a VOC-free adhesive that ensures that there is no air pollution in the region emitted by the factory.

In their factory, they reduced the amount of waste generated by creating a closed-loop manufacturing process. The system allows the company to recycle the by-products to create new products and reduce the number of waste produced.

Moonacres Farm in Shoalhaven is implementing sustainable practices in its organic farming activities. The farm produces high-quality vegetables and fruits, which are sold to local restaurants and grocery stores. They implement soil management principles by using regenerative agriculture practices like cover cropping, crop rotation, and natural weed control methods. Their produce is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful substances, ensuring that their product not only taste great, but it is good for you and the environment.

To incorporate with its eco-friendly approach, Moonacres Farm is a member of the Holistic Management Program, which focuses on the utilisation of principles like sensitive land management and the integration of animals into the farming system. This program emphasises the importance of the community being involved in the farm's activities, making it a more holistic farming approach. Moonacres Farm not only produces organic food, but it has become a forerunner in environmental sustainability in its region.

Boomerang Bags Berry is a community-based non-profit that is dedicated to addressing the problem of single-use plastic bags in the region. The group aims to reduce plastic waste by promoting eco-friendly judo materials. Boomerang Bags Berry has involved the community to volunteer their time to create reusable bags from materials such as second-hand clothes, sheets, and curtains.

Their goal is to provide a more sustainable alternative to single-use bags for businesses and individuals. Boomerang Bags Berry has successfully built a community-based approach to environmental sustainability, with residents coming together to produce environmentally friendly bags with a hint of flare.

these businesses demonstrate that a move towards eco-green solutions is not only economically prudent but also good for the environment. Their practices of reducing waste material, utilizing eco-friendly items while maintaining their services or production quality, showing the commitment towards environmental sustainability. Shoalhaven residents can support these businesses by making a conscious effort to utilise these services and products. Together, as a community, Shoalhaven can create a sustainable future and environment for businesses to thrive, benefitting the region, society, and environment as a whole.

Huskisson Hotel:
Phone: (02) 4441 5001

Shoalhaven Plywood (Global Wood Source):
Phone: 02 4423 1022

Moonacres Farm:
Phone: 02 4464 3871

Boomerang Bags Berry:
Email: boomerangbagsberry@gmail.com

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